Dalam Mihrab Cinta (2010)

Release Date : 23 December 2010 (Indonesia)
Quality : DVDRip
Language : Indonesia
Runtime : - min
Director : Habiburrahman El Shirazy
Company : Sinemart Pictures
Movie Info: IMDb
Cast : Dude Harlino, Asmirandah, Meyda Safira, Tsania Marwa, Berliana Febryanti, Boy Hamzah, Niniek L. Karim, Umar Libus, El Manik, Iszur Muchtar
Genre : Drama
Size : 350 MB

Plot : Syamsul ( Dude Harlino ) youth committed 20 years of studying in a boarding school in Kediri, leaving a fairly comfortable life. Here he met with Zizi ( Meyda Sefira ) daughter of the owner of boarding schools that had ditolongnya when dijambret on the train, the incident made ​​them so close.

This Dipesantren Syamsul expelled for allegedly stealing from his own best friend slander Burhan ( Boy Hamza ). Then because of his own family did not believe it, to actually make Syamsul become a pickpocket.

In the midst of chaos and darkness of this life God provides a way for him to repent and bringing with Syilvie ( Asmirandah ) a girl Solehah. Is Syilvie later that will be paired with Syamsul or Zizi is going to be companion of his life?

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